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These websites provide resources that will help to develop cover letter, résumé and interviewing skills. Please remember that there are also many résumé and cover letter resources at the Main Building of our library, as well as ready-to-use résumé templates in our Computer Lab.

Building a Résumé Job Search – Résumé Samples
Before you start work on your résumé, review free résumé samples that fit a variety of employment situations and which provide job seekers with examples of formats.

Write Your Résumé – Résumé Templates
The Résumé Builder allows for anyone regardless of skill level to create professional, dynamic résumés and cover letters in minutes.

Résumé Builder
Find the job that’s right for you, create a killer résumé, search for jobs, prepare for interviews, and launch your career.

Career Builder
Résumé tips and tricks.

Cover Letter Help – Cover Letters
How to write an effective cover letter.

Resume Builder – Cover Letters
Cover lettersfor resumes, including what to include, how to write them, format, and targeted cover letters.

Career Builder
Resumes and cover letters,qualifications versus duties: why knowing the difference matters and 5 ways to address a cover letter other than ‘To whom it may concern.’

Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips and Advice
Expert advice on preparing for job interviews, tips on how to answer various job interview questions and what to do after the interview is over.

How To Market Yourself

Video: How to Market Yourself
Features marketing jobs, advertising jobs and pr jobs from top companies.

How to Market Yourself Effectively to Get the Job You Want
The key to a successful job search is knowing what you want and how to market yourself effectively to get the job.

How to Market Yourself for a Job in this Economy
Skills that should land you a job.

The Key to Job Search Success – Try Branding Yourself
Sending out blanket resumes to random employers just doesn’t cut it in today’s job market.

How to use your Personal Brand to Switch Careers
Cultivate your existing brand to fit the career.

7 Secrets to Getting your Next Job Using Social Media
90% of your time should be concentrated on the following seven social media secrets, which will not only get you a job, but help you create your own dream job.